Johnson & Johnson Journalism Awards 2017

Last Wednesday the creme de la creme of the beauty media headed to the Johnson and Johnson Skincare Journalism Awards 2017. It’s always an exciting night – after working in the industry for a while you get to know other writers well, so it’s always great to see everyone’s names in lights and to see editorial[…]

Catch me on the latest Emma G podcast

Last week I watched the BBC Horizon programme Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth and subsequently wrote a piece for Get The Gloss on whether (as well as the obvious influence of the movement on social media) it’s our interpretation of these wellness trends that leads to obsession and unhealthy habits. The lovely Emma Gunavardhana then[…]

Feminism fail: Vagenda Magazine on More! Magazine

Today I unfollowed Vagenda Magazine after they tweeted in celebration of the fact More magazine has officially been suspended. They crowed at the fact that another brainless, preaching, make-women-feel-like-crap magazine had bitten the dust, so to speak. Being a journalist and someone who writes in health and beauty (which no doubt means I must fail[…]