Cheap thrills for sensitive skin

Image by Sarah McGinnis at Get The Gloss

Image by Sarah McGinnis at Get The Gloss

I’m so lucky that in my job as Online Editor at Get The Gloss I get to try all sorts of beauty products – from the latest high street mascara to a jar of Charlotte Tilbury’s luxurious Magic Cream (verdict – yes, it’s pretty magical). But I don’t have my head in the clouds when it comes to value, and truly believe that paying ££££s for makeup is a waste. Skin care is a little different; you very often get what you pay for and unlike makeup, those lotions and potions are going into your skin – and into your body. Whereas makeup is something temporary that you slap on and wipe off, skincare is designed to change your skin in some way and so it’s good to be far more mindful of what you’re using.

However, you don’t always have to pay a fortune. Do I spend more on my moisturiser than my mascara? Hell yes, but the high street brands are really catching up with the premium ones in terms of quality and efficacy. Beauty is changing and quality products are not only for those with huge disposable incomes who shop the Selfridges beauty hall as if it were Asda.

That’s why my column this week was all on the best cheap products for sensitive skin. And it’s a real mix – I didn’t just stick to creams because you might want to spend more on your serum than you do your cleanser which is fair enough, but I’ve highlighted the key budget products that have really impressed me of late for the fact that they really work yet cost the same as a day’s London travelcard.

Read my feature on the budget-friendly sensitive brands over on GTG and let me know what you’re using – would love to find some more bargains to add to my beauty shelf…

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