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Last week I watched the BBC Horizon programme Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth and subsequently wrote a piece for Get The Gloss on whether (as well as the obvious influence of the movement on social media) it’s our interpretation of these wellness trends that leads to obsession and unhealthy habits.

The lovely Emma Gunavardhana then contacted me about her upcoming podcast which was all on elimination diets and three women who have done them, and asked me to feature on the intro to talk about our approach to dieting, the trend for elimination diets through social media and influencers and what I’d written in the article. As an avid listener of her podcast, I happily obliged!

The three interviews are fascinating, covering three real women who have given up either dairy, sugar or gluten for health reasons, with a very honest take on how they did it and the results.┬áThe podcast is now live and you can listen to the episode and see all the show notes on Emma’s website here. Enjoy!


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