How to deal with sensitive skin: the guide


Being a beauty journalist with sensitive skin is not, perhaps, ideal. But my irritating (and irritated) skin is a part of the reason I went into the industry in the first place, and for the past few years I’ve been telling tales of my sensitive skin woes in my column over on Get The Gloss, Sense & Sensitivity.

As well as helping me to find the answers I’ve been seeking for years (yes, fragrance is the devil and no, not everything I use has to be from a chemist), it’s helped me to find my fellow sufferers – finally, actual other women who understand what it’s like to have sensitive skin, having to hide and calm rashes and redness on a far too frequent basis.

I’m proud to say I’ve grown a lovely readership over the years who come back daily to find the best products for their needs, and that’s why we’ve now launched a downloadable guide to looking after sensitive skin. The first in a series, the 25-page ebook covers:

  • Types of sensitive skin
  • How to patch test properly
  • The expert guide to building up your skin barrier and reducing sensitivity
  • Ingredients to steer clear of
  • My hero cleanser
  • Dr Sam Bunting’s prescribed skincare routine for your skin type
  • And much, much more…
  • Need to soothe your sensitive skin for good? Download it now for £4.95 from Get The Gloss and start learning how to make reactions and irritations a thing of the past…

    Image: Still life photography by Ian Skelton, designed by Sarah McGinnis

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