Catch me on the latest Emma G podcast

Last week I watched the BBC Horizon programme Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth and subsequently wrote a piece for Get The Gloss on whether (as well as the obvious influence of the movement on social media) it’s our interpretation of these wellness trends that leads to obsession and unhealthy habits. The lovely Emma Gunavardhana then[…]

The Beauty of BB Cream

Image from Superdrug A month or two ago, my friend returned from a trip to South Korea gushing about their beauty habits. Apparently, their nail varnishes last longer and chip less than ours; they understand the importance of skincare and realise that tanning is skin damage; and they use something called Blemish Balm, or BB[…]

Makeup Must Haves

It occurred to me this week that I am really quite fussy when it comes to makeup, and I also have a set bunch of products that I couldn’t live without. I’ve worn makeup most of my life, from borrowing (read: stealing) my sister’s clear mascara when I was ten to deciding that white eyeshadow[…]