Babies: a woman’s right to choose…

Today I watched two women sit with Kate Garraway to debate whether it was selfish for a woman to choose not to have children. Apparently having your own life that doesn’t involve squeezing out some sprogs and wiping up after them for 18 years is something to be ashamed of. 

It amazes me that this is even a question in today’s society. Just as with the question of ‘should gay people be allowed to marry’ and such like, I don’t understand why we care quite so much about other people’s choices. So long as their choices aren’t, say, to murder someone, then why do we need to debate it? I don’t know about you but I’m far too busy getting through my own life to worry about whether a woman has six kids or jet sets around the world on her tod (and personally, I know which one would be more annoying on an aeroplane).

I think Daybreak (and others) needs to wake up and smell 2013. In my generation choice is the order of the day – thank god. Call it feminism, call it whatever you like but the point is women can almost do what they like these days – they just can’t seem to do it without judgement. Have a baby too old, you’re deemed selfish. Have one too young and you’re immature and probably scrounging off benefits. Don’t have one at all and you get the pity head tilt and idiots on Daybreak whose only argument for saying you simply must have kids or else miss out is because ‘It’s just an amazing experience’. 

Well you know what? People say that about skydiving. People say it about holding a tarantula. People say it about eating a spicy curry. Not everyone likes to do those and nor should they have to just to make society shut up and think they’re a good, well rounded person who has lived their life to the full. People are fulfilled by different things and having kids shouldn’t have to be an opt-out option. 

I probably sound like I am one of the children-hating (because clearly if you don’t have children or want them in your future, you MUST have evil witch-like thoughts towards them) independent women that society so fears. Actually, I’m not sure what I am yet. The thought of kids neither appeals to nor disgusts me but I know for certain I’m not ready for them and am also somewhat missing one of the ingredients considering I’m single, so this works out rather well. Unless you take society’s view that is, in which case I might never experience life to the full if I choose the wrong option. Society, frankly, should mind its own business. 

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One thought on “Babies: a woman’s right to choose…

  • What a good post and very refreshing to read.

    I’m 34 years old have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for six years. Not only do we not have children (nor are thinking about them any time soon), but we’re also not married! Shock horror I know!

    We have been questioned about what we’re doing, and it is annoying… you say why is it anyone else’s business and why do other people care??

    Thanks for sharing,

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