The Cybher Meet and Greet

As further proof that a) I have awesome friends and b) the ones I’ve met on Twitter are extra awesome, I am very lucky to be joining the super-chic-geek Emma Cossey in my first ever trip to Cybher in a couple of weeks. 
Emma won the tickets through The High Tea Cast, and knowing that I too was a bit of an online addict, invited me along for the big day. It’s basically an all-female, all-blogger geekfest where we get to listen to some talented speakers, learn something, network and say things like ‘What’s your Twitter handle?’ and ‘Ooh, nice iPad’. 
Cybher are just so obsessed with the web that they even suggest we do our little ‘meet and greet’ on our sites as an ice-breaker – so here’s a little about me…
Name: Judy Johnson. Not Judy Jay, which I thought was a clever Twitter name which was created by spelling out the initial of my surname. Now people just think it’s my actual name, but I’m happy with both. 
Blogs: Obviously I am here on my own site, which is part blog, part portfolio. I also blog every week for Dollymix, and for Wahanda as part of my day job as their Site Editor. Beauty and TV seem to be my favourite subjects but I cover anything that’s lifestyle related.
Twitter ID: @judy_jay
Height: 5’10 last time I checked. I don’t like to check. Probably 5’11 but that’s a scary thought. 
Hair: Rubbish. Natural blonde. Should have been curly, so thank god for tongs. 
Five things you should know about me:
1. I’m 26 and it terrifies me. I’m one of those idiots who grew up thinking somehow I won’t really get old, or that if I have to, The Plan will all work out and I’ll be married with kids by the age of 30. Turns out I was wrong on both counts! I fully blame Disney, FYI.
2. The nineties rock my world. Boybands, Dreamphone, Clueless… what’s not to love?
3. Ibiza is my second home, or so I like to think. I work hard but party hard too. 
4. I hate shoes. Which kind of kills my Carrie Bradshaw image, but hey, the money I’ll save can go towards those Ibiza trips. 
5. I am quite well known for my headbands (see crap hair comment). I’m rarely seen without one and I don’t think it’s a phase I will ever grow out of, much like my love for green eyeshadow which has been going strong since 2002.
Thanks for e-meeting and e-greeting me and I hope to see you at Cybher!
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