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When I was little, my favourite shop to go into with my mum was a place in Lindfield called Witchcraft; a beautifully quaint little gift shop which was full of soaps in the shapes of roses, dolphins and stars, bath pearls that melted into water to make it soft and scented, and all kinds of gorgeous smelling bath products that I couldn’t get enough of and happily sniff all day.
AEOS, or Active Energised Organic Skincare, instantly reminded me of Witchcraft because of the lovely scents in their products. We all know I have a super sensitive skin type, which usually means I steer clear from fragrances, but if I’m careful I tend to be OK with organic products – something I definitely need to research more. A few patch tests later and I’ve discovered AEOS is on my ‘safe’ list – and thank goodness for that.
It’s refreshing to find a range that really is all about the ingredients; AEOS use the ‘living energy’ of the natural ingredients to create skincare products loaded with effective plant extracts and essential oils. The brand has its own bio-dynamic Shire Farm where most of the ingredients are grown and the rest are from organic farms around the world. Their philosophy is to look after the activity and balance of the soil, which leads to the strength and the vitality of the plant, which provides optimal effects on the skin. Yes, it’s all a bit scientific, but good to know how it works from the moment it’s in the soil to the moment you’re putting it on your face.
Apart from the scent, the first thing that struck me when I took a look at the products was the colour; not toxic and bright like so many others but subtle yet distinct. Apparently, this is down to ‘spagyric tinctures’, or liquid gems and crystals that are said to energise the ingredients. 
AEOS have a three-phase system: Renewal, Rebalance and Replenish. With oils, lotions and exfoliators to renew the skin, conditioners and hydrating mist to rebalance and serums to lock in moisture, they’ve worked out exactly what your skin needs and how to get it from natural sources. Even better, the products are light and dewy on the skin, and smell like they belong in a five star spa (or Witchcraft if you know Lindfield well). I’ve added them to my beauty Christmas list…

Disclosure: I received the AEOS products from a PR friend to try out for the blog. 

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