The Beauty of BB Cream

Image from Superdrug
A month or two ago, my friend returned from a trip to South Korea gushing about their beauty habits. Apparently, their nail varnishes last longer and chip less than ours; they understand the importance of skincare and realise that tanning is skin damage; and they use something called Blemish Balm, or BB Cream as it’s known, to look flawless while looking after their skin. Well, lucky them.
Straight away, I took to Twitter and asked the beauty bloggerati if they knew of it or whether you could get it here – and judging by the reponses, it was very new on the scene in the UK but word was slowly getting around. I discovered you could get it on eBay but thought I would wait for a few more reviews before buying it. 
So what is it? Well, given that it’s important enough to have a Wikipedia page, it’s pretty special. As said in the text there and as explained to me by my friend, it was developed by a doctor in Germany and started out as something dermatologists used to help their patients heal and protect their skin as well as cover scars, acne and blemishes after laser therapy. It’s sometimes tinted so basically acts as a foundation, primer and skin treatment in one. It also can have a whitening effect which is, I’m told, quite big in Asia. So we Brits want to look brown and they want our pasty complexions – are we ever happy?! 
Anyway, news got out about this fabulous stuff and it’s become far more mainstream – and now, it’s here. Everyone I follow on Twitter appears to be trying it, ordering it or just plain raving about it – and I ordered mine from Superdrug last night. I don’t wear foundation but I have been hunting for a decent primer, and absolutely swear by wearing an SPF daily (currently using my Avene moisturiser).  I can’t wait to try it out – though I have to say, SPF 15 is not exactly protection. Hopefully they’ll up the SPF when more of them come out…
For before and after pics, check out this blog – thanks @Tsunimee for sharing! Have you used it yet? Does it live up to expectation?
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