Chewing Gum to the Rescue?

So most people have heard of or used Bach’s Rescue Remedy for a bit of stress relief, whether it’s to prepare for an important exam, steady the nerves for your tenth driving test with Mr Grumpy, or to deal with something life has unexpectedly decided to throw at you.
Well, I hadn’t, until a couple of weeks ago. For some unknown reason, I had no idea what Rescue Remedy did, despite having worked in a chemist when I was younger and no doubt selling plenty of them come GCSE season. As someone who suffers from the previously mentioned panic atacks, you’d think I might have caught on already. Well, better late than never. 
However, while I’m slow to know the greatness that is Rescue Remedy, I am up to date with the latest in the line of stress relieving wonder products. I was sent the new Bach’s Rescue Chewing Gum to try out a couple of weeks ago; chewing gum with an orange and elderflower liquid centre, that contains four drops of the famous Rescue. Designed to soothe and relax, I thought I’d give it a go. 
Did it help? I’m not 100% sure. When feeling stressed or panicky, I tried to have one of the pieces of gum to see if it made a difference – I did tend to calm down, but I think that was a result of a mixture of things. Interestingly, I think the act of chewing is good for stress; they do say it helps you think and focus, and I would say it helps get some of that frustration out (surely better than gritting your teeth!). The taste does go quite quickly, so a little like bad bubblegum you can’t keep chewing for too long, but it did have a pleasant orangey taste. It does have the four drops of Rescue in, but having bought a bottle of the original Recue Remedy I found that just directly using the drops was more effective. 
Handy when you’re on the move and need to be discreet, Rescue Chewing Gum is a good product to keep in your handbag but I wouldn’t replace the drops with it entirely – it’s more a sidekick than anything else. Plus, for days like today (the dreaded Valentine’s Day, in case you hadn’t noticed), Bach also now do a balm, perfect for lips or your temples… that might come in useful for first date nerves! 
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